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If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem (Psalms 137)

A majority of tourists and locals have a good idea what they want to see when they go to Jerusalem’s Old City. Most of them don’t think twice about the fact that it is divided into sections or “quarters”. Today’s … Continue reading

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Wanna Go On A Lion Hunt?

When I was a young girl growing up in London, I used to belong to the Brownies, which was the junior version of the Girl Guides. One of our favourite chants was “Wanna Go on a Lion Hunt”? Our sing … Continue reading

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Windmills in Jerusalem

When one thinks of Jerusalem many images spring to mind, but a city of windmills is definitely not one of them. Of course, the famous Montefiore windmill in Yemin Moshe is a well-known landmark, but actually, by the early 1870s, … Continue reading

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