Individual or private family tours

These give you the opportunity to see the sites and go at the pace you choose according to the interests and abilities of the participants.Tours can be more cerebral or child-oriented depending on the ages of the visitors in the party. When youngsters are involved, I try to combine touring together with some hands-on activity.

Tours for the business visitor
You’ve come to Israel in order to work, but you would love to spend a little time seeing the sites. Together, we can devise an itinerary which fits in with your business commitments, whether you have only a few hours to tour or more time on your hands.

For something a little different, specially designed itineraries, to encourage team-building and enhance leadership skills, are another way of combining business, with visiting the country.

Celebration tours
You’re here to celebrate a special occasion and would like to add extra meaning to the event. Bar/Bat Mitzvah (or any other special occasion) tours could have a biblical component relating to the Torah portion. Maybe a trip to the desert to understand how Judaism began? Experience ancient desert hospitality and some hands-on biblical style activity to make you appreciate how skilled our ancestors really were.

Perhaps you’d rather twin your occasion with an Israeli institution you would like to help, for example, the Israel Guide Dog Center For the Blind, or the people of Sderot, or one of the other development towns. If you want to be really pro-active, you could even go and pick the leftover crops in the fields and then give them to a charity that distributes them to the needy. This way, you would be fulfilling the biblical injunction: “When you reap the harvest in your field and overlook a sheaf in the field, do not turn back to get it; it shall be left for the stranger, the orphan, and the widow, so that the Lord your God may bless you in all your undertakings.” (Deuteronomy 24:19).

The opportunities are endless. Choose your interest and I will help you find an appropriate organization to enhance your celebration.

Alternatively, we can visit a place or create an activity that has special significance to you and the event you are celebrating. For corporate, out-of-the-box, or special life cycle events, I have partnered with a professional events management team, to create a one-of-a-kind experience.
Together, we can design a program to personalize your big day and make it an occasion to remember.

Group tours
Delegations, missions, conference participants, church or multi-faith groups: whether you are looking for an introduction to the country, to meet some of the locals, a chance to sample ethnic food and drink, to visit an army base or participate in some Israeli folk dancing, it can all be arranged. Do you want to cover the “must see” sites or go somewhere off the beaten track? From archeology to Zionism or ATVs to zip lines, I will build a special itinerary uniquely tailored to your needs.

Specialty tours

Is there a subject close to your heart that you would like to understand more clearly?

1. Bio – tours
Is the environment an important issue for you? See how Israelis facing up to ecological issues and visit some of the innovative programs aimed at keeping the country clean and green!

2. Winery tours
Israel has come a long way since Baron Rothschild opened his first winery in1890. In recent years, many of Israel’s wines have won international prizes and large numbers of boutique wineries thrive all around the country. Differences in location, exposure to sunlight and composition of the earth help create the unique flavour of each winery. So if you would like to sample the wines and meet the people who make them, this is the tour for you. Maybe you are more interested in chocolates or cheese, or other local delicacies. Let me know just what makes your gastric juices flow and I will try and ensure you get to taste the best of what Israel has to offer.

3. Co- existence
Do you want to see how Arabs and Jews can live together and complement each other’s lifestyles? Visit places where this is already happening and speak to the people there about the challenges they face to make this reality possible.

4. Settlements
Never quite understood the ideology? Visit some of the places you’ve read about in the news, meet the locals and see the facts on the ground.

These are just a few ideas to whet your appetite, but if you have a specific subject that you would like to learn more about, I would be happy to create a special tour to address your questions and satisfy your curiosity.


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