About Me

I have lived, laughed, loved and lamented in Jerusalem for over 20 years. I feel at home in her alleyways and markets and I know all of her stories and most of her secrets.
Originally from sunny London, England, I came to Israel after graduation, in order to follow my childhood sweetheart. I have a BA in Theatre Studies.The longer I live in Israel, the more I appreciate how fortunate I am to be on intimate terms with a country which is so unique. It is my privilege to share my knowledge with visitors and help them understand the daily challenges of life here.
A friend of mine likes to say that living in Israel is like being on steroids! The contrasts are so intense. I can find my way around the country using the bible or a map. I can show you the castles of knights and the palaces of kings, the battle grounds of yesterday’s wars and the context of today’s debates. I can tell you how a man votes (or in some cases doesn’t), by looking at the hat he wears (or in some cases doesn’t).
I can tell you the history of the places we see and explain how the past impacts on the present. I can introduce you to Israel’s coastline, mountains or desert.
I have brought up my own children to know and love Israel by having fun along the way, and enjoy taking other children on the same journey of enrichment and discovery… and sometimes just plain fun.

In addition to being a licensed guide, I also have a public vehicle license. This means I have passed a Ministry of Transport course and driving test especially for tour guides which legally allows me to drive you around the country. I usually do this in my spacious Hyundai Palisade, but, if you prefer, you can choose from a variety of tourist vehicles (for up to sixteen people) which I can hire and drive according to your needs. You would be amazed how many tourists are being driven by those not licensed (and therefore also not insured) to do so.

I am also one of only 30 tour guides to receive accreditation from the Ministry of Tourism as a specialist in wine tours around the country. So if you are interested in learning some more about the fruit of the vine and visiting some of the vineyards and wineries, do let me know.

P.S. I married the man I followed to Israel, and am the unlicensed mother of three adult children!

“We’re home, and are so grateful for the two weeks we had in Jerusalem. Of course the day we spent with you remains a glittering highlight for us. Please know that we will continue to share your name and our wonderful experience with you in Jerusalem.” (Toby, USA)

“A huge thank you for all of your wisdom and patience over the past few days. You brought our trip to Jerusalem to life and many a conversation will be had about the things we have seen in the months and years ahead.” (Alison, England)


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